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EasternHops is a group with a wide variety of flying activities which occur daily. From flying cessnas around the world, landing at the most challenging airports, to landing a Boeing 747-400 in near zero visiblity. We offer the comfortable flying environment which everyone likes, no need to pass any exams or pressure you to progress. We offer support as a community to allow you to progress at your pace. Virtual pilots can learn and understand basic and advanced flight and navigation using the knowledge, skills, and experience of our virtual pilots and actual licensed pilots. We offer this all in an atmosphere free of intimidation. As a community we have envolved for the past 10 years and are constantly keeping our website and other systems up to date, which offers you, the member, the very best technology and support to make your experience with us even more amazing. We listen to any members suggestions and as a collective group we move onwards and upwards.


Which flight simulators do you support? FSX ,Prepar3d
What types of flights does your VA offer? Cargo flights ,Charter flights ,General aviation ,Passenger flights
Does your VA support VATSIM? VATSIM is supported
Does your VA support IVAO? IVAO is supported
Is this VA based on a real-world airline? Yes, we are an official VA with permission from the real one
What ACARS software is supported? Custom/other
Which website/VA system is used? PHPvms
Which if these social/community features does your airline have? Chatbox ,Facebook ,Forum ,Multiplayer server ,Teamspeak server ,Twitter

Our fleet

The airline CEO has not specified any aircraft.


today: 60 flights
this week: 244 flights
this month: 1213 flights
total: 39835 flights
Last flight:
Active pilots: 0
Flight schedules: 0

Our Airports

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