Virtual Evrgreen


Which flight simulators do you support? FS9 ,FSX
What types of flights does your VA offer? Cargo flights ,Charter flights ,General aviation ,Military
Does your VA support VATSIM? VATSIM is supported
Does your VA support IVAO? IVAO is supported
Is this VA based on a real-world airline? Yes, but without permission ie unofficial
What ACARS software is supported? kACARS
Which website/VA system is used? VA Financials
Which if these social/community features does your airline have? Facebook

Our fleet

Boeing727-200, 737-800, 747-200, 747-400, 757-200, 767-200, 777-300ER
McDonnell DouglasMD-11


today: 0 flight
this week: 0 flight
this month: 0 flight
total: 0 flight
This airline submits no flight data to us but may well be active.
Please consult their website for actual flight data.

Our Airports